The Future Lodge

Project highlights for our proposed renovations include:

Interior Improvements

  • Increase square footage from 4,270 sq. ft. to 6,241 sq. ft. for an increase of 46% square footage
  • Provide furnishings, including desks, beds, tables, chairs, couches, and TVs
  • Create a living/learning environment for members
  • Add three new bedrooms and three new bathrooms to increase occupancy of house 13 members
  • Modification of living space to accommodate nine single-style bedrooms and two double-style rooms
  • Restructured and structurally sound stairwell and spacious hallways
  • Open first floor for living and social spaces
  • Transformed dining room and library conducive to our growing membership

Exterior Improvements

  • Attractive and welcoming entryway along Madison Lane
  • Overhaul landscaping to improve exterior aesthetics
  • Expanded and updated outdoor entrances

Proposed Basement

  • Updated laundry and mechanical rooms
  • Upgraded and transformed kitchen space
  • Upgraded basement bathroom adjacent to kitchen
  • Excavated square footage for added storage space

The following galleries represent the tentative plans for updating the Lodge at Madison Lane. We hope you like with what you see!

Exterior Perspectives

Interior First Floor Perspectives

Interior Plans