Progress Towards Our Goal

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$1,000,000$600,000Raised $600,000 towards the $1,000,000 target.60%When we think back on our Chi Psi experience, memories rapidly enter our minds of friendship, teamwork, and the Lodge at Trail’s End. The Lodge is where we lived, where we worked, and where we became men. It fostered a support system that provided a lifetime of friendships, contacts, learning experiences, and simply great memories. We all gained from our brotherhood, and many of us can trace our achievements to Alpha Omicron.

Throughout the years, it has always been our goal to be a premier fraternity at the University of Virginia. However, to recruit and retain the best men, we must provide a facility that reflects the quality of our revitalized brotherhood. With this objective in mind, we proudly announce the Honoring Our Past, Building the Future – the New Lodge campaign.

A Necessary Undertaking

Omicron brothers explored a variety of plans and developed a solid strategy that allows for the long-term viability of the Alpha. To this end, we engaged architects and consultants to develop plans and fundraising goals. The team’s diligence produced a comprehensive plan to look toward the future and provide Alpha Omicron with a first-class facility at 167 Chancellor Street. Once the extensive renovation begins, we will increase square footage by 46 percent, create optimal study and common space to facilitate brotherhood, and house 13 members.

How You Can Help

The brothers who came before us provided the tradition upon which each of us has built. We were given the opportunity to join Chi Psi and be part of a special bond and tradition. Those of us who enjoyed the brotherhood, camaraderie, and character building Alpha Omicron provided owe a debt of gratitude for that valuable experience. Now is the time to join us and provide the same opportunity to a new generation of Chi Psi men at UVA. Early commitments from brothers total $511,350 and we seek additional support from dedicated and loyal brothers to reach our $1 million fundraising goal.In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information detailing the project and the ways in which you can help. We hope you will join our growing list of supporters who wish to ensure the lasting impact of the Alpha Omicron experience.